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We are the best shutter repair company in London. Our technicians have decades of experience and can fix any type of commercial shutter problem. If your shutters are misaligned, jammed, or jumping off the track, we're more than happy to help.

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Professional Commercial Shutter Repairs and Services

Commercial shutter repairs and services are important for any commercial property. The people who work in these businesses need to know the importance of having their shutters repaired before they get worse or break completely.

Shutter mechanical jams

Your shutters won’t open or shut. This may be traced to damage to the power source. Our shutter repair experts in London will try to find the source of the jam and repair your shutter mechanical jam problem. We clean and grease your shutters as part of our service to make your shutters looking new and running smoothly.

Shutter regular maintenance

Commercial shutters require regular cleaning and greasing. This is crucial to have your shutters closing and opening efficiently every time. Rusts can accumulate on joints and crevices, which can alter the alignment of shutters. We can clean your shutters on a regular basis every three months. We put you on our calendar, so you can get your shutters maintained by professionals hassle-free.

Squeaky sounds

Do you find that your shutters have an unusually high-pitched squeaky, grating sound? Shutter squeaky sounds can be expensive jams tomorrow. Squeaky sounds can be a precursor to sticky and jammed shutters. In this case, the rails of your system may need lubrication to put an end to unpleasant screeching noises.

Shutter roll misalignment

Shutters accumulate dust and dirt over time. Because of this, the rolls will become slower and tighter, causing lag compared to other rolls on the opposite side of the shutter. Shutter roll misalignment can happen due to shutter’s full-stop jams or even shutters jumping off the tracks.

Shutter cable snap

The cable of your commercial shutters will wear over time. Our team can replace the shutters' cable and realign your shutters so they can operate smoothly once again.

Great Job!
I am a restaurant owner and I need my business to be absolutely secure. They help me maintain my shutters every three months so I don’t have to experience jams or accidents. They're also pretty easy to work with.
- Nathan R.
Life Saver!
Excellent job and fast response! My shutter wasn’t able to close one night because I’ve been neglecting its maintenance. Luckily, shutter repair responds within 25 minutes. What a lifesaver!
- Robert S.
Extra Burglar-Proof!
It’s bad enough to have experienced a burglary attempt in my business but the burglars left my shutters destroyed. Shutter Repair London helped me rebuild my shutters and I now have added extra security measures to make sure my business will be extra burglar-proof.
- Harrison L.
Within the day!
An accident happened that had my shutters jumping off the track. A brief call from shutter repair services rectified the matter and my shutters got repaired within the day. Amazing team!
- Stephen C.
Just like new!
I’ve been hearing squeaky noises from my shutters which is really annoying. Since I am not a shutter repair professional I called in their technicians. They were surprised at the amount of dust, rust, and grime in the rollers. They cleaned it up and now my shutters are working like new!
- Franco D.

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We know all about shutter repairs and we are your ally for all emergencies and problem concerning your shutters. We are available 24/7!

Fast Response Time

If your business is at risk and in need of emergency shutters repair. Reach out to us. We offer 24/7 shutter repair in London and will respond within minutes of your call!

Certified Engineers

Our experienced engineers are knowledgeable about all aspects of shutter repairs from installation to hanger alignment -- no job is too big or small for our team!

Family-Owned & Managed

We pride ourselves in offering only the best shutter services in London, UK, with a long-standing tradition passed down from generation to generation and among family members.

Our Team

We specialize in commercial shutter service to keep your business looking good. Our professionals have decades of experience and this make it easy for us to identify problems with your shutters so we can provide you with a good solution before things get worse.

Tony, 25 Years Experience

Tony has been an integral part of the shutter repair industry for 25 years. He's seen it all and knows how to fix anything that comes his way.

Jason, 22 Years Experience

A shutter repair expert who has been in the business for 20 years with a wealth of knowledge on how to repair commercial shutters.

John "Junior", 10 Years Experience

He has a vast knowledge of electrical devices, which makes him an invaluable asset to any shutter repair service as an electrical engineer.

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Shutters in Good Condition are Crucial to Your Business

Shutters serve as protective devices. Your shutters must be in good working condition to prevent burglaries and accidents. Shutters in commercial areas, especially London, are vulnerable to malfunctions due to their constant use and the dings and dents from vehicles and daily foot traffic nearby.

Signs Your Roller Shutter Needs Repair

If you own a business or store, it is very likely that your roller shutters are one of the most important pieces of equipment on your property. Roller shutters can be used to protect windows against theft and vandalism, but they also can help keep out weather elements such as rain and snow.

If you notice any issues with your roller shutters—whether it's an issue with the hardware like screws or rollers, or something more serious like rusting metal—it is vital that you contact a professional for repairs as soon as possible. Any delay could result in further damage to the shutter which may lead to increased costs down the line.

With all this in mind, here are some signs that indicate when it might be time for repair:

Noisy Shutters

You're probably noticing that your shutter is making an incredibly loud screeching, squeaking or unbearable noise while you are trying to open or close it. Unfortunately this means there's something wrong with it and you should call our professional team of shutter repair experts right away before things worsen.

Difficult To Operate

One of the most obvious signs that your roller shutter needs repair is if you're having a difficult time controlling it. Using lubricants can help you with this issue, however, if the issue reoccurs, it'll be best for you to consult our engineers.

Visible Damages

Whether it's because of burglars or wear and tear, any visible signs of damage on your roller shutters can compromise your business' security. When shutters get dented or rusty due to improper shutter maintenance, it's a good time to get help from professional who knows the ins and outs of shutter repairs in London.

Our team has years of experience dedicated to shutter repair services, and if you want definitive results and instant action, give our shutter experts a call!

One way to save money and keep your roller shutter from breaking down is to get professional shutter maintenance services and act on minor problems before they become full-scale ones and avoid costly repairs and replacements.