10 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Store Secure in London

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London is a great city for tourists and crowds to visit, especially during holiday seasons. Some stores might get flooded and overwhelmed with the number of people entering their shops or merely observing them outside.

If the store wasn't given proper attention, it might attract shoplifters from entering. For this reason, business security should be one of the most important priorities to keep in mind as a business owner or only an employee.

Here are ten things you should do to protect your business.

Business Security in London

1. Greet Your Customers

Shoplifters are at ease in what they specialize in. But if your employees can regularly greet every single person who opens the door, it will put off the shoplifters as it sends off the message "we're paying attention". Thus, they are most likely to leave.

2. Keep Your Store From Being Overly Crowded

There are seasonal times that your retail store is expected to receive several shoppers and visitors. If you're not prepared, things may go out of hand.

In order to prevent overcrowding and potential shoplifting, you can create a store map that identifies specific locations, including entrances and exits. This way, you can control the traffic flow.

Moreover, you can limit the number of people entering your store. It may not be delightful for some, but safety has always been our priority.

And lastly, prepare a contingency plan that answers your "what ifs" questions just if your plan A fails to materialize.

3. Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

If you own a huge store, chances are your employees cannot simply check and scan what everybody is doing inside your retail premises. For this reason, purchasing and installing anti-theft devices are crucial. This device includes alarm systems, security cameras, mirrors, signage, electronic tagging, and other merchandising security tools.

4. Monitor Your Employees' Action

Passersby are not the only person who can shoplift in your store. They could be your employees as well. This is no surprise in most commercial areas in London.

Employees are the worst shoplifters since they can steal much more expensive items than looters or other culprits who are not familiar with the store's layout.

So before hiring staff, make sure to run a background check to see what they are up for. Train them properly and limit the people who have access control over sensitive files and places in your retail store.

If possible, you can hire them contractually for a few months to see how well they do in their job. If you have time, make sure you can regularly check your inventory within the training period.

5. Hire Retail Security Guards

Security guards act as store detectives responsible for keeping your store, products, assets, and employees' safety.

They can observe and prevent many issues that may hinder safety and protection, especially when a crime is involved. They also create a sense of a safer working environment for your employees.

So even before shoplifters think about picking up one of your products to sneak out, these highly-trained professionals can address the concerns swiftly.

6. Install Security Shutters

London's commercial areas have security roller shutters installed to ensure the most effective protection they could get even if the store is closed.

Rolling shutters offer a high level of security both for commercial premises and houses around the city.

Even when lifting the shutters alone could get the passersby's attention as it is heavy and does make a sound. It is made from durable materials that cannot easily be broken by anyone.

A security company called Shutter Repair London is one of the most reputable ones who can do different services like shutter installation and shutter maintenance for you.

7. Keep Your Store Organized

Every store ethically needs to be clean and well-ventilated, while products should be organized and visibly clear across the shop floor. Not only will it look pleasant for everybody, but it will also help you notice if an item is missing from its spot.

A store with a good layout and design will discourage shoplifters from moving. Simultaneously, items that are visible and wide open makes it extremely difficult for shoplifters to steal.

8. Keep Your Technology Updated

If your store heavily relies on electronic gadgets and software, make sure your technology is updated. For instance, if clearance sale is over, make sure that the prices are updated on your computer, or else opportunist people will take advantage of the situation.

Moreover, hackers are all over the place. Ask IT experts to secure your store's data and block unfamiliar devices that try to sneak or delete sensitive information.

But this thing can also address the store's security system. Check and update the CCTVs, alarm security, and other safety devices if they're working well.

Taking immediate steps will help you address issues.

9. Put Up an Anti-Shoplifting Sign

An effortless way to publicly prevent any shoplifting for your store is to put up prominent signage or stickers. This could say "anti-lifting", "CCTV everywhere," "Beware of this or that."

This would scare shoplifters off as you let them know that you're fully aware of what's happening around your store and you're extremely serious in preventing such crimes.

10. Keep a Number from the Police or Local Respondents

Some items in your store could be much more expensive and limited than the others. If you think someone has stolen a valuable item in your store, make sure to immediately call any local respondents or the police to identify the missing item and catch the culprit.

But this is only possible if you have saved a number from any of these government personnel. If not, then you can consider it long gone.

The city of London is a massive city with lots of opportunities for commercial and small businesses. If you're planning to put up one, ensure that every element in starting a business is already well-founded.

But you must never forget the following security tips and services that will keep you, your employees, and your store protected at all times.