8 Types of Roller Shutters and Their Benefits

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The Different Types of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters have many advantages, and its use has become widespread in the last few years. Many business establishments use them in particular, because of the benefits they offer. Businesses need security from weather conditions as well as from burglaries, and vandalism and roller shutters serve as protection and deterrent.

There are at least two major types of shutters: residential and commercial shutters. Residential shutters offer security and insulation a well as an aesthetic look.

Commercial shutters, on the other hand, offer the same benefit as residential shutters, but the main goal is to provide security and to enhance the ambiance of a business.

Most modern commercial shutters or roller shutters have add-ons that make them easy to maintain. Commercial shutters are used on a daily basis, and mechanisms are added on to them to make them easy to maneuver. Knowing the different types of shutters will help you determine which type of shutter is perfect for your needs.

Interior Roller shutters

As the name suggests, these shutters are placed inside an establishment. They can be adjusted to provide better light and ventilation to the house or commercial establishment. Interior roller shutters are versatile.

Exterior roller shutters

The exterior roller shutter is used mainly for practical purposes. They are installed to offer safety and protection from the weather elements. Like Interior roller shutters, exterior roller shutters come in a variety of colors to complement any design.

Manual Roller Shutters

Manual shutters are cost-effective and are, therefore, popular. Opening and closing the shutters require manual exertion, and the main maintenance costs you will be incurring is oiling or lubrication for your roller shutters.

Automatic roller shutters

Automatic roller shutters have a sophisticated mechanism and are therefore more expensive. The benefit is you don’t need to physically exert yourself to open or close them. Some of these shutters are even solar-powered, so you can save on energy. They will, however, take more time to install and require costlier maintenance.

Built-in roller shutters

This type of shutter is neat and hidden since it is built into the window or door. Their components are well hidden, and so these rollers completely disappear when opened.

Built-On roller shutters

This type of shutter is easy to install, although the rails, shutter boxes, and components will be visible. The ambiance and charm of your establishment can be reduced by this eyesore. However, most built-in shutters being manufactured today are designed to be appealing, so built-on shutters may be a good choice even if your primary goal is aesthetics.

Aluminum Roller Shutters

Aluminum roller shutters are built for durability and quality. They are made of high-grade aluminum and are therefore lightweight and are resistant to corrosion, making them one of the most commonly used roller shutters. They use a variety of components to decrease noise, save energy, and provide protection.

Transparent Roller Shutters

Transparent roller shutters are see-through. These roller shutters provide visibility. It can be installed in a residential space to overlook the garden or in a commercial setting inside a mall, for example, where there are fewer security concerns. They also reduce power consumption.

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Enhanced security

Security is one of the main benefits of roller shutters. When all your assets are visible outside, especially for a business, it may make you at risk of burglaries and intruders. Security roller shutters are best installed in your business establishment to prevent break-ins.

Less visibility

Shutters help you control the amount of privacy in your home, office, or business. If people outside can’t see the inside of your establishment, it becomes less attractive to break in and steal stuff.

Made of strong materials

Security shutters are made of strong materials like aluminum, which are hard to break. Because of this, there are fewer chances of someone attempting to break into your property. Compared to high priced security systems, shutters are affordable and easier to install.

Act as a good deterrent

Shutters make sure your establishment is protected, and its strong material acts as a deterrent to burglars, vandals, and intruders. Another reason why shutters are a deterrent is the noise they make when someone breaks in and destroys the material. The noise alerts the law and passers-by, making it less attractive to break in.

Lowered bills

Shutters provide insulation to your property. If they are properly installed without any gaps or holes shutters, have the capacity to keep the heat in during the cold months of the year and keep the house cool during the summer months. Shutters help keep the monthly bills on air heating and conditioning to be greatly reduced.

Final Thoughts

Shutters are crucial to keeping your establishment secure and safe. Knowing the different kinds of shutters helps you determine the right kind of shutter for your needs and budget. Aside from security, lower monthly energy bills are just some of the lesser-known benefits of shutters, which will be beneficial for you in the long term.