With the ever rising energy costs it makes sense that you’d want to cut down on the utility bills by creating a more energy-efficient home or business. As a perk, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. By investing in insulating roller shutters you’ll be able to be greener at the same time that you’re saving money, it’s a win-win.

Among other options, such as extruded aluminium, we offer foam filled aluminium shutters that will make a huge difference in your home or business. Some of our very happy clients have even reported a marked decrease on the cost of their electricity bill.

What’s The Value Of Insulated Roller Shutters?

Our shutters are designed to insulate the home so you don’t have to spend as much on heating and cooling. Seeing as they are fully insulated they regulate indoor temperature and can actually stop the heat by up to 90 per cent and the cold by up to 70 per cent, which is much healthier for your wallet and the environment.

As a bonus benefit, our foam filled aluminium insulated roller shutters also offer acoustic insulation as well as thermal. This is ideal for those of you living in busy neighbourhoods filled with noise pollution, loud neighbours, or simply prefer the quiet.You also won’t have to worry about being a disturbance to your neighbours if you want to turn the volume up on the radio.

At Shutter Repair London, we’re able to install aluminium shutters for all customers throughout London, and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained, expert technicians will ensure that our made-to-fit shutters accommodate all your aesthetic and security requirements to complement your property. As with all of our shutters, our aluminium models offer a number of manual or automatic control options to suit your requirements.