Does Shutter Reduce Energy Bills?

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London's climate can be unpredictable at times, and looking at your energy bill isn't a big help either, which is why people are starting to think of ways to exercise energy efficiency.
Props for those people act immediately, and ask for a shutter service installation that helps reduce power costs. As a matter of fact, this is one of the phenomenal reasons why shutters were created to block the heat, coldness, and light from entering. But the question is, 'How?'

How Shutters Reduced Energy Bills?

If you observe every building, business, houses, and other establishments you come across, you can clearly see that they highly depend on windows for proper ventilation and insulation. But did you know that windows actually cause massive energy hikes?

Based on the research conducted by The Green Age, about 35% of heat is lost through windows due to radiation and air leakage. So instead of blaming the pane gaps of your ceiling, roofs, and doors, windows are the bad guy.

But there's no way we'll consider removing your window! The good news is, there's actually a way to prevent warm and cold loss from happening. The key? Shutter Installation.

Newly-invented shutters focus more on the aesthetic part than its practical and convenient purpose, leaving its energy efficiency purpose. For some reason, other people thought it's unnecessary to get one.

However, shutters do provide security while helping reduce energy bills. Its thick material covers any gaps around the frame, keeping room temperature inside. Meaning to say, in the summertime, the heat inside doesn't escape while the coldness outside won't get in.

The R-Value (the measurement of resistance to heat movement) typically lies between 3-6 value compared to the window and other blinds that only consist of R-value. The higher the R-Value is, the more insulation it provides.

Moreover, there's no need to turn up your heater or turn every air conditioner since shutters also act as a barrier to the heat rays from the sun.

Once installed, it can help you reduce power costs up to 50%, making your home or store cost-efficient, heat and cold resistant, and environmentally friendly as energy efficiency and fewer carbon emissions.

Getting Started

But shutters can only help in reducing energy bills when installed properly. This is why you should always seek service from professionals, just like at Shutter Repair London. We'll help you install either an exterior or interior shutter to maximize its use for security, aesthetics, and energy efficiency use.
Not only that, in case of mechanical issues,  we’ll directly locate you and be there for a short time period. If you're worried about the maintenance, we'll assure you that our shutter maintenance service can last for the longest time possible.

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