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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Shutter Repairs

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+ Which areas do you cover?
We cover all of London and the surrounding cities and neighborhoods. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll let you know whether or not we can attend to your job – 020 3319 6644.
+ How much do you cost?
We guarantee that our engineers charge the most reasonable prices you can find. No one can do it better at such an affordable rate than us.
+ How quickly can you get to an emergency?
We aim to attend to all emergencies within an hour. If our engineers are all out on jobs and extremely busy, we’ll inform you right away so you won't be left waiting.
+ What if you can’t repair my shutter right away?
The vast majority of issues (97%) are fixed on our first visit. However, if for any reason we’re unable to repair the problem immediately, we’ll secure your premises and be back to fix the problem within 24 hours.
+ Do you also install new shutters?
Yes, we do. Call us at 020-3319-6644 for more information!
+ Can roller shutters be installed onto brick?
Yes, although this does of course depend on the type and condition of the brick. We may also need to fit additional steel or timber to act as a support.
+ What is your warranty period?
All of our work comes with a 12-month warranty.
+ Do I need to maintain roller shutters once they’ve been installed?
If your shutters are installed in a commercial area, by law you’re required to have your shutters checked every year (1992 Workplace Regulations for Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems. Schedule). Even if you’re not at a workplace, we highly recommend regular maintenance and service as it helps to spot potential problems before they escalate, and can keep your costs down in the long term.

As a guide, our technician John "Junior" has written together a list of recommendations to keep your shutters lasting for a long time, please feel free to read our Shutter Care Tips.
+ How secure are roller shutters?
The main benefit a shutter brings is the fact that it acts as a deterrent. Is it still possible to break in through shutters? Yes. Someone hell-bent on entering can gain access to your property. That said the strong physical barrier of the shutters and its noise when rattled, are two factors enough to put off the majority of would-be burglars.