Shutter Cable Snap

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Most Shutter Cable Snaps in London’s Industrial Area? Find Out Why!

Unfortunately, old and unmaintained shutters can impose a serious problem. Both automatic and manual shutters require cables to move up and down or side-by-side. This creates fiction, builds up rust, and may eventually wear out. This usually happens if you don't have proper shutter maintenance.

Sometimes, it is in the form of dent and dings. The cables or springs may lose tension or snap suddenly. Shutter cable snaps can happen if you put off another before calling help.

So what should you do?

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How Can Shutter Cable Snap Happen?

Typically, shutter cables are there to support automatic shutters in opening or closing shutters. But just like everything else in the world, they come with an expiry date too.

When you’ve been using the shutters for way too long, the joints may form rusts, and the whole shutter may eventually worn out.

You might think of the DIY solution of putting lubricant, or removing cables in place. This is possible only if you have a professional training or experience in handling shutters or anything of the same.  But if you don’t, it may bring trouble rather than a solution.

On the  other note, leaving it for a few days may worsen its condition. And, the cost would be much more expensive!

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How to Find a Solution?

Fixing shutters or cables for instance, is not a one-man job. Meaning to say, a group of professionals and experts should be the one to manage this kind of issue so it can work effectively, and lower the risk of getting hurt.

But worry, no more! We’ve got you.

Our team at Shutter Repair London trained and mastered the skills in installing, repairing, and maintaining shutters in every establishment. In fact, we've been doing so for a few decades now.

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