Shutter Care Tips: Maintain Your Commercial Roller Shutters to Make Them Last Longer

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Your shutters are crucial to your business because it is the barrier that protects your property from the outdoors. Weather elements and burglars are just some of the factors you have to contend with in your brick and mortar in a commercial district.

Commercial shutters are necessary to keep your property secured once it is time to close down your business for the day.Thus, shutters that close and open smoothly are sturdy and durable and lookwell maintained keeps you headache-free. Commercial shutters need care and maintenance because they are used regularly and may wear and tear in the long term. Maintain your shutters well to keep your day hassle-free and your brick and mortar well-secured.

1. Check for Wear and Tear

Your shutters are made of hardware such as door springs, cables, rollers, andothers. These parts should be inspected regularly and examined if they are working efficiently. There may be evidence of wear and tell-tale signs of broken parts. Do not attempt to fix anything on your own, though, because these parts are under high tension and may cause you injury if you mishandle them. Ensure that tracks are always clean of grit and debris so thedoors won’t jam or get stuck on one side.

2. Regular Lubrication

Lubrication is necessary to keep your doors running smoothly. It should be noted, however, that the type of lubricant should depend on the type of roller shutter. You should use the right products to avoid problems. When lubricating your shutters, do not spray it into the roller shutter motor.

  • Shake the can of lubricating spray well and spray it to a clean cotton cloth and wipe it on the roller shutter slats. You can spray your shutters directly at a distance of 20cm.
  • Clean off the excess residue. The lubrication will protect your shutters from moisture and contamination as well as airborne pollutants.
  • It is recommended that you put in a second application if the shutters have been not lubricated for a long time and have become stiff, dry,and difficult to operate. Avoid getting the lubricating spray from getting in contact with any part of your body, such as the skin and eyes, as it will cause irritation.

3. Replace Anything That Has Come Loose

Roller shutters are moved up and down daily. Bolts and fixings may become unloosened in the long term. Any loose fitting can make the roller shutters dangerous and cause it to malfunction. This can even be a source of accidents. The best way to prevent anything untoward is to have a regular checkup of your shutters. If you think something has become loosened, you should change the operation of your shutters to manual and immediately calla technician. Keeping on top of repairs is crucial for shutter safety.

4. Check the Balance

Your shutters should come up and down balanced and evenly on both sides. A balancing check should be done every month, and this is something that can only be done by qualified professionals. Balancing checks are necessary to make sure that shutters are running smoothly, and they can be stopped atany point. If the shutters are out of balance, they may get jammed or collapse, which is dangerous.

5. Regular Cleaning

Roller shutters should be cleaned regularly to make them look good as well as improve functioning. Dust and debris may accumulate at the bottom of the bar and on the tracks, and this requires thorough cleaning. Shutters may lockdown and break if not cleaned. Shutters require cleaning at least once a week.

6. Get a Professional Opinion

It is not enough that you maintain and care for your shutters by yourself. You should get a professional opinion and have regular inspections by them. Professionals have the necessary tools, training, and knowledge to ensure that maintenance of your shutters is done properly.

7. Preventative Maintenance Programs

Shutters need regular maintenance and inspection by professionals. It is advisable that you enroll your shutters on a preventive maintenance program that gets your shutter serviced on a regular basis. Depending on thetype of shutter you have and in what conditions they are used and how frequently they are used, a shutter service schedule can be tailor-fit to suit your needs.