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Across the United Kingdom borders, it is no doubt that shutters are a great addition to guarantee your home and business' security. This is why it's highly important to get hold of shutter maintenance in London.

But what if you started experiencing a malfunction with your expensive shutters? Are there any mishaps with the power source? What about visible dents? Is there wear and tear?

At Shutter Repair London, we ensure your business's safety and protection by offering services to repair and maintain commercial shutters - 24/7 or basically, anytime, any day you want.

For an affordable price, you can get 'classic' and newly-bought shutters to get maintained now!

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Why Choose Us to Maintain Your Shutters?

shutter maintenance services

As a family-owned and family-managed shutter repair business, we provide long-lasting and high-quality shutter maintenance services to every infrastructure that generally owns shutters across London.

For over 42 years, it has been our duty and privilege to help families and business owners protect their assets and property by ensuring that their commercial shutters are working in good condition.

Most definitely, we work to comply with the 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations to accommodate safety standards for several shutter-owned workplaces.

When you decide to choose our maintenance team, you’re about to experience the best:

  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Quick and Effective Repairs
  • Maintained Fixes for Future Benefits
  • and a lot more!

For these reasons, Shutter Repair London, without a doubt, stands out from its competitors.

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What Does Maintaining A Shutter Has Something To Do With You?

a well-maintained shutter in a commercial building

In view of today’s condition, Shutter Maintenance in London has been widespread!

Almost every house, business establishments, and private institutions call for an effective shutter to keep the place secure and safe for its people.

However, even various kinds of shutter tends to get defective as time goes by. Give it three months, and compare its working condition from the time you bought the shutter to its current state.

And even if you choose the most expensive type, it would still need regular maintenance. As a matter of fact, they are the one who needs strict and regular maintenance since they have the most expensive parts to fix.

But what if I told you that you don't need to wait until your house- or business- shutters wear and tear? The key - maintenance.

Benefits of Maintaining a Safe and Secured Shutter

  • Avoid Malfunctioning - Lack of maintenance can cause automatic doors to wear over time, and worst, sudden breakdown. Why wait for it to happen when you can call for a maintenance service to check it for you from time to time?
  • Safety Purposes - accidents can happen from time to time, but if we prevent something from happening, then that's the best resort we opt to get. Likewise, maintaining a safe and effective shutter can avoid shutting suddenly on top of someone or destroying things below.
  • Legal Requirement - government agencies and local laws obliged business-owners to operate by ensuring that everything works safely, including shutters installed. It's your responsibility when something 'unusual' happens caused by negligence.
  • Prevents Property Damage - shutters are connected to different property parts such as the walls or even ceiling, cables, and power source. If maintained well, it prevents any damage that can obstruct your business' operation.
  • Save Expensive Repairs - expensive shutters require expensive repairs. If you have the proper service to call before shutters get caught up, you'll be saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of pounds.
  • Peace of Mind - what better way to relax and sip a cup of tea when you know that your shutter works well in giving security to your home or business?

At Shutter Repair London, only professional- and highly- experienced individuals are to participate in keeping your shutter protected.

Our maintenance focuses on two focal parts: the Mechanical Care that requires regular inspection to ensure your shutter is in working condition, and the regular General Cleaning for every three months!

If you tend to forget your regular shutter maintenance, we make the appointment for you by putting you on our calendar. Less hassle for us, lesser grievances for you!

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to wait until issues become worse, or will you act now?

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