Shutter Mechanical Jams

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The Shutter Mechanical Jams in London could impose a huge delay!

Just imagine rushing your way to work and traveling to a 20-minute distance workplace. As you arrive, you decide to open up the store, including the shutters. But when you tried pressing the ‘on’ button, it won’t work!

What should you do?

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The Problem: Shutter Mechanical Jams

fixing shutter mechanical jams

The top common problem in using a commercial shutter is mechanical jams, whether you're in London or not. And there's no one to blame for it besides the power source.

But as clumsy as you could be, there may be an instance that you just forgot to turn on the power source. You can do so by easily turning the switch on and off.

If not, then there must be a bigger problem beneath. In such cases, we highly suggest calling a specialized team of people who can do the service for you.
The good news is, you don't have to look anywhere else. We'll take it from here. All you have to do is give us a call.

Our Solution To Shutter Mechanical Jams

Other people might suggest forcing the shutter to close and to open, but we don't! That could impose a much serious problem. The shutter could even fall off!

If a practical solution of turning on and off the switch doesn't work, we find the source or jam and repair it for you! The problem is a little bit complicated which takes years of experience and skills to master, but we can assure you the best and safest solution in the market!

Moreover, we can even clean and grease your shutters to give it a cleaner-look and ensure it runs smoothly so you can go back, and focus on conducting daily business transactions.

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