Shutter Roll Misalignment

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The sudden shutter roll misalignment in London's busiest area is the most unexpected thing to happen.

After a long tiring work, you're now about to leave your office. You packed up your stuff, closed the light, and any power source unnecessary. But as you put the shutters down, it unexpectedly got stuck!

Well, you wouldn't want to leave knowing that burglars can get in anytime they want. So I guess you just have to stand by as well.

No, you don’t. Call the best shutter repair team in London today!

What Causes Shutter Roll Misalignment?

Two things - dust and dirt.

Sometimes, these tiny little things can cause a huge problem not just to our health and to the environment but to automated roller shutters as well!

Dirt and germs get accumulated by the proximity sensors, which is responsible for the shutters' operation. When it gets dirty, it'll eventually become slower, tighter, and cause shutter roll misalignment, making the shutters close and open halfway through.

And we don't want that kind of trouble.

How To Fix Shutter Roll Misalignment

best way to fix shutter roll misalignment in London

We can suggest checking the proximity sensor if it's still in alignment and in the right place. If not, then obviously, dust and dirt succeed in structurally damaging your shutters.

But the best way to solve all of this all-at-once is to call for back-up. Shutter Repair London provides unbeatable service quality in repairing and maintaining shutters across the London border and any areas close by.

We'll examine every material that needs fixing and materials that need to remain in its proper location. We'll then remove any dust and dirt accumulated, give them a good clean, and check whether the proximity sensors are working again.

The best part is, we wouldn't leave your establishment without a guaranteed fix.

Does your shutters look like they’re not properly aligned? Give us a call, and we’ll see!