What to Do If Your Shutter is Stuck?

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“Does Anyone Know A Repair Service For My Broken Shutter?”

After a long day from work, you are finally about to close your store when your shutter is stuck halfway through closing. It's late in the afternoon, and you're already seeing the sunset. Other chains of establishments are starting to close as well, and the street lights are beginning to open. What would you do?

In other instances, a package was about to be delivered to your store. As you were running to receive it, the shutter won't open. There's no way you can leave the package outside your premises, nor would it fit in your regular entrance.

In both instances, the question is, 'What should you do if your shutter is stuck?'

There’s No Need to Panic

Broken shutters are inevitable, especially when installed unsatisfactorily and were not maintained. This is when you need the shutter to work for its purpose, most especially when the cable snapped, there's a roll misalignment or a mechanical jammed.

You can check the following location and parts: power source, cables, railings, tracks, sensors, and the door structure to see where the problem lies. But repairing the problem on your own is too risky, especially if you have no experience in doing so.

You might even see the following problems such as:

  • Squeaky Sound - happens when rust is built up in-between shutter joints and materials.
  • Roll Misalignment - the location of the shutter misaligned due to the dust and dirt accumulated.
  • Cable Snap - shutter getting stuck halfway through the opening and closing.
  • Mechanical Jams - when the shutter doesn't seem to work even if you press the on and off button.

Among these, which one do you think is the problem related to the two scenarios given? But there’s no need to panic nor worry about your business’ safety and security because the good news is there’s a company that can attend to your shutter problems repairment.

How Can We Help?


You might even say the same phrase as what was written above. Of course, the first people to call is a shutter repair service! But there are plenty of options to choose from across London, so who are you going to call?

Most of the time, shutter problems happen in the most unexpected time, whether in the morning, noon, evening, or even at midnight. This is why it's important to call for a company that offers 24/7 availability.

This is where we at Shutter Repair London comes in. Your business' safety and protection is our main concern. We offer repair shutter service for any mechanical issue you had with yours.

Even if it means repairing stuck or jammed shutters any time of the day so your schedule and progress won't get affected. Additionally, we help you maintain your shutter to avoid the same type of problems in the future.

At an affordable price, we respond to your call right after 25 minutes of call-time, offer certified engineers and personnel to attend for repair, and be available whenever you need us.

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