What Type of Shutters Is Most Suitable to My Business?

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With the prevalent and unexpected disturbance in the street or even across the country, it’s highly essential to install security shutters for business so entrepreneurs like you can relax and lead your business operations smoothly.

Honestly, most entrepreneurs are divided whether to get rolling shutters or rolling doors to keep their establishments safe. In all honesty, there’s not much of a difference. But most commercial and industrial buildings often use the former since it’s more on the heavy duty side.

I mean, when you have an option, then choose the best out there!

But before deciding which type of shutters is most suitable for your business, let us first discover the different types of rolling shutters in the market.

Most Common Types of Shutters for Business (or Commercial Use)

Manual Shutters

Also called the ‘push and pull’ shutters with low maintenance yet durable material. It is what we commonly see in marketplaces with an opening less than 10 sq cm. It is made up from steel strips that are interlocked and hinged to provide maximum security against burglars or other natural occurrences like wind and rain.

Grilled Commercial Roller Shutters

When you want a shutter that provides security and ventilation at the same time, grilled shutters are perfect for you! They are made up of bar steel or aluminum alloy that is about 8 mm in diameter while the lower part is only covered to provide stability.

Industrial Grilled Commercial Shutters

Most commonly used commercial shutters to secure only a certain part of an establishment. Compared to other types of shutter, this polycarbonate shutter weighs less, and has a transparent texture that can be powder coated to create a stylish finish.

MS Rolling Shutters

Easy to install type of shutters that can either be grilled or perforated depending on one's preferences. It is weather and rust-resistance that can also provide ventilation and visibility on the outside.

Aluminum Rolling Shutter

A shutter obviously made from aluminum materials which is another lightweight option for a shutter that can easily be operated, and soundless. It is one of the popular security shutters because of its pleasing appearance and durability once installed.

Transparent Shutter

A shutter that offers visibility inside your establishment while securing the whole place. This is ideal for stores who want their consumers to look at the items from the outside. Plus, there's no need to exert much effort on this one since they can be operated automatically.

Double Wall Rolling

Automatic rolling shutters made up of epoxy powder and rust-proof finishing that offers noiseless smooth operation and protection against burglars.

Collapsible Shutters

A shutter that doesn't require any hinge when opening or closing. It has 16 to 20 mm wide rolled  steel channels with 12 to 20 visible gaps where you and consumers can easily see each other. You can open or close it in from left or right or split in the middle.

Given the details we mentioned, you might've your very own 'favored' choice among them. It would entirely depend on your location, it’s purpose, and personal preferences in purchasing your commercial shutters. But here are some tips you need to know in choosing the best shutter for your business.

Tips for Choosing the Best Shutter for Your Business

Choosing the right shutter for business lies your safety and your business’ security which is why it’s important to consider the following questions:

a) What’s the purpose of purchasing a shutter? Most shutters are used for security purposes. But what about you, what’s your main priority in choosing a shutter? Is it about durability, efficiency, aesthetics, security, or for other reasons? Do you prefer automatic ones or budget-friendly manuals?

b) What’s your budget? Most shutters used for industrial purposes are usually served in bulk which is why it’s highly important to calculate your expenses and realistic budget save for shutter projects.

c)  Where would order Commercial Shutters from? Consider the reputation and ranking of a shutter company installation whether they provide the best shutters or the worst ones. And instead of depending on the interview alone, make sure to do your proper research as well.

d) Do they provide any warranty? Every shutter needs maintenance. If something unexpected happens about your shutter, would they be willing to either repair it or replace it? If they did lend a hand, would they be willing to provide necessary maintenance for it as well?

After learning all the answers to this question, you’re now ready to call for a service that can deliver your shutters, and even install them for you. Shutter Repair London offers a fast, trusted, high-quality, and affordable service installation of shutters for businesses.

We install custom-made shutters depending on your preferences, and the most suitable ones for your establishment. Don’t waste anymore time, and start thinking about, and learn more about shutters today!